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Urban Tree Selector

Knowing what species of tree to plant along your streets or in your yard can be a struggle. Urban environments can be difficult and harsh conditions for any tree to survive due to compacted soils, limited above and below ground space, air pollution, and hotter temperatures. A healthy, sustainable urban forest is dependent upon proper planning and selection at the earliest stage, time of planting. The NC Urban Tree Selector will assist you with knowing the right tree to plant in the right place.


tree selectorThis tree selector tool is designed showcase tree species that are appropriate for urban planting sites (street trees, parks, and urban yards) in North Carolina. Not all of the species within the database are native to North Carolina, as some non-natives perform well on tough urban sites and may be appropriate. None of the species within this database are considered invasive species and we highly discourage the planting of known invasive species in any setting. Click here for a list of known invasive species in North Carolina.


Overview of Tree Selection Process
Asking yourself a few simple questions before selecting the tree species will save you time and money in the long run:


  • What is the soil condition?
  • Is there poor drainage?
  • What kind of human activity goes on around the planting site?
  • Are there any space constraints?
  • Does the site get a lot of sun or shade?
  • And what is the mature size of the tree?


By asking yourself these simple questions, you will be able to select the tree species that fits the site and will have a higher chance of surviving and thriving. Click here for more details on tree selection and proper planting.


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