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In 2013, the NC Urban Forest Council began the Tree Board Webinar Series with the purpose of helping tree boards take the next step in their urban forestry program efforts. Since that time, we have continued to offer web-based seminars on a variety of topics.


Through a series of webinars, we hope to present ways that you and your tree board can function more efficiently and effectively within your community. Learning more about the political process, how to communicate your message, community forest management opportunities, and how to engage your volunteers will provide mechanisms for your board or commission to have more impact and better manage your urban trees and green space. All webinars are recorded and available for viewing at your convenience, so if you missed one they are available at the bottom of this page.


Attending three or more webinars, earns you a tree board education certificate and a resource guide which contains valuable information that will help your board well into the future. Stay engaged and take advantage of this networking opportunity to move your tree board to the next level.


2018 Tree Board Webinar Series


March 21, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm eastern

Common Myths of Tree Planting

Speaker: Leslie Moorman, NC Urban Forest Council


It is easy to plant a tree, right? Just dig a hole and place a tree in the middle. Not so fast. This presentation will go over the top 10 things people do wrong when planting a tree, often resulting in long term tree health issues.  


May 16, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm eastern

Municipal Perspective on Trees in Development and Construction

Speaker: Alan Moore and Doug White, City of Raleigh


Trees are an integral part of any municipality and as cities and towns develop and grow it is important to protect trees so that they will continue to provide benefits. This presentation will focus on ways that cities and town can protect viable trees in development and construction projects. Basic concepts of tree protection will be reviewed and the kinds of instruction that need to be conveyed to developers and contractors will be discussed.


July 18, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm eastern

The Power of Partnerships

Speaker: Dana Karcher, National Arbor Day Foundation


When creating community through trees, it is important to know we aren't alone! Partnerships provide the opportunity to work collaboratively, lessen the work load, and create synergy. Partnerships also help show strength in messaging the value of trees to communities. Whether a partnership is informal or formal, on-going or project based, this webinar will explore ideas that create collaboration by working with others to grow canopy and engagement in your community. 


Oct. 17, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm eastern

Pruning Young Trees for Good Structure, Good Economics, & Good Aesthetics

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Fair, NC State Uninversity


In this webinar, Dr. Fair will cover what you need to know to be good stewards of your young tree population to prepare them for the future. You will learn when, how, and why to make the right cuts to build good tree structure, reduce your long-term costs, and maintain healthy, beautiful trees.



2017 Webinars:

Tree Planting Standards That Work

Click here for the recorded webinar


Community Tree Ordinances

 Click here for the recorded webinar


Growing Your TCUSA Program

Click here for the recorded webinar


Advocating and Marketing Your Message
Click here for the recorded webinar



2016 Webinars:

Basics of Tree Protection Ordinances

Click here for the recorded webinar


Community Tree Planting Programs: Thinking Outside the Lines

Click here for the recorded webinar


The Role of Advocacy in Community Forestry

Click here for the recorded webinar


Management Plans – Know What You Need

Click here for the recorded webinar


2013 Webinars:


2014 Webinars: