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Projects and Initiatives

Projects & Initiatives


The Mission of the NCUFC is to advocate the sustainability of North Carolina's urban forests through the use of economic, human, and environmental resources. One way we try to accomplish this is through projects and initiatives that will bring our message to the citizens of NC and allow for an exchange of information that will improve urban forest management.


The Grove
The Grove is an online community that allows families and friends to share in the experience of building a legacy by planting a tree to commemorate special life moments. Learn more about The Grove here.


Legacy Tree Fund
The Legacy Tree Fund provides financial assistance to communities across North Carolina for tree planting projects that help educate citizens about the importance of trees and the role they play. Learn more about our Legacy Tree Fund here.


NC Urban Wood Group
Municipal arborists, tree care professionals, wood workers, state agencies, researchers and others have come together to find ways to salvage urban wood and turn it into a variety of sustainable local products through the NC Urban Wood Group. When urban trees obtain their highest and best use, we see environmental, economic, and social benefits for people in urban areas and beyond. Becoming a member of the NC Urban Forest Council also includes a membership to the NC Urban Wood Group, through which you will have access to a list of partners, a discussion forum in which you can network with people from across the state with similar interest in urban wood use, and a wood listings page where you can list your available wood material or serach for material you may need. Join today!


NC Urban Forestry Awards Program

Formerly administered by the NC Forest Service, the NC Urban Forest Council proudly takes over the  North Carolina Urban Forestry Awards. The goal of this program is to award communities, organizations and individuals for outstanding work in protecting and enhancing our community forests. This awards program is a way to give back to those who have been committed to creating healthy urban forests and raising community awareness of the importance of these projects.


Who is eligible to enter the North Carolina Urban Forestry Awards?

The awards are open to all individuals, organizations, corporations, and institution

whose work has set an example of excellence in urban and community forestry. The

nomination must:

                       Result in significant enhancement of the urban forest;

                          Represent a significant change for the betterment of the resource;

                          Have been done in the last three years.

Entries will be judged for impact, innovation and the degree to which the work serves as a worthy example for others to follow.


Project Categories: Outstanding Tree Board or Tree Commission, Outstanding Individual, Outstanding Project, Outstanding Tree Care Professional, Tree CIty of the Year


Nominations are due by June 30, 2016.  Click here to download the nomination

guidelines and submission form.


Tree Board Webinar Series                

Through a series of webinars, we hope to present ways that you and your tree board can function more efficiently and effectively within your community. Learning more about the political process, how to communicate your message, community forest management opportunities, and how to engage your volunteers will provide mechanisms for your board or commission to have more impact and better manage your urban trees and green space. A resource guide which contains valuable information that will help your board well into the future is available upon request. Stay engaged and take advantage of this opportunity to move your tree board to the next level. All previous webinars have been recorded and can be viewed at you leisure. Click here to learn more about the webinars or to view the recorded sessions.