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Value of Membership
Envision having an additional 200 staff members to help you examine and resolve problems. NCUFC membership brings you this and more.


NCUFC is a highly participatory organization with many growth and leadership opportunities. Individuals and organizations can serve on committees, attend seminars and workshops or share ideas with an elite green-industry community. Members not only take the profession seriously, but also are committed to each other and to advocating for increased investment in urban forestry. Membership on the Council is open to anyone with an interest in urban forestry. Members shape the direction of the Council and the green industry profession.


Network to Share Expertise
Members are the strength of any association and by joining NCUFC, you immediately tap into a network of hundreds of green industry experts across the state to share on-the-job experiences, to request information on urban forestry issues, discuss local and national topics of concern, and to discover new job possibilities. Get support from your peers. Meet the new faces entering the profession. Get sound professional advice from those who deal with the same challenges that you do.


Through NCUFC membership, you have an easy and cost-effective opportunity to exchange information with your colleagues and to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends.


Gain Cutting-Edge Information
Keeping current on state-of-the-art changes affecting urban forestry is more important now than ever. NCUFC is an educational and professional association of municipalities, private sector companies and individuals dedicated to providing high quality green-industry goods and services. NCUFC’s newsletter and educational offerings keep you on top of issues relating to urban forestry.


Enhance Your Expertise
Educational training is the best investment you can make in yourself and your career. By advancing your skills, you improve your performance, and your value to your employer. NCUFC offers a variety of educational programs covering the many aspects of urban forestry. In addition, most NCUFC-sponsored programs provide the opportunity to earn your Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


Be the Voice of Urban Forestry
NCUFC continues to be a leading advocate promoting the interests of the urban forestry community at all levels of government (local, state and federal). NCUFC can help you reach out to your customers and develop relationships with your community.


Promote Professional Excellence
Build professional recognition by being part of North Carolina's urban forestry professional community. Volunteer service on any of NCUFC’s committees can provide you with new insights and links. Submit an article to NCUFC’s quarterly newsletter. Present at one of our many workshops and conferences. NCUFC involvement will get you in the spotlight. Improving the delivery of urban forestry services is a major goal for NCUFC, and we work to enhance the effectiveness and competencies of our members. Membership and attendance at NCUFC’s educational opportunities signals your commitment to continuous improvement in the delivery of urban forestry services to the community.


NCUFC is your PRIMARY RESOURCE for urban forestry-related knowledge! Start saving time and money by becoming a member today!  (Click here to appply for membership online.)